My Apologies for the clutter.

Around 1998 I started keeping a blog. It was mostly about Science Fiction, but eventually wound up including lots of my life. At last count I had written about 4,000 pages. Around 2003 I registered the domain name CTHREEPO.COM hoping to sell it because of its similarity to the Movie character name. It never sold and I created a website for the name and moved my blog over from The website kept growing and then I installed WordPress and created even more pages. About five years ago I stopped updating things and botched an attempt to make the site a static website. There was just too much junk scattered around in an unorganized way.

I am now retired, and I decided to clean up the mess and clean up I hope that I can fix all of the broken links and make things searchable again. At one time I was getting 10,000 unique hits per day.

Keith P. Graham

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I've converted the site to a new format. If you can't find a page you might let me know. I am trying to get it all right, but some things are still slipping through the cracks.
Keith P. Graham
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The webmaster, Keith P. Graham, has been contributing to this site for about 30 years. This is Keith's personal website and does not claim to be an authority or an expert in anything.

Keith Graham has written and sold 70 or so Science Fiction stories. He plays very bad Blues Harmonica and keeps bees and sells the honey. Keith at one time was a fairly famous computer programmer and hacker going back to the early days of the IBM PC. He has written thousands of programs for love and money including utilities, games and large financial systems for major clients like IBM, Lockheed and the City of New York.