Other Odd Pages

I have been using CThreePO.com as a catch-all for anything that comes into my mind for many years, now. I have a few essays or ideas that do not fit in anywhere so they wound up here.

These are a few of these articles:

Extreme Poker – My buddies and I have been meeting since high school to play cards. We have played Bridge, Pinochle, a game called Rook, Hearts, and a dozen kinds of Poker. We now play a game that has evolved over the years to use two decks and three hands per person. It is extremely complicated, but very addictive. The rules evolve and we add new rules several times a year.

50 things that you should not tweet A silly list

The Birth of a ProgrammerThe story of the first time that I ran a real program.

F&SF StencilsHow to print out stencils of great writers in F&SF

Twas the Night Before Sci-FiReally dumb SF parady of the Christmas classic.