The Science Fiction Laboratory

The Science in Science Fiction

Space Math – A few formulas in Javascript for those who wish to do some quick and dirty space calculations for moving space ships and rotating space stations and hurtling moons. You can convert parsecs to light years and a few things like that. I also have a list of the nearer stars for want of a better place to put it.

Alien Life – What constitutes life? What will alien life be like?

Aliens Physiology – Aliens should be aliens and not humans in rubber suits or humans with a small amount of makeup to make the bridge of their noses look different. What will alien sex be like?

Alien Psychology – What makes an alien tick?

Physics fo FTL Travel – How do we go faster than light?

Baby Black Holes – Ideas about very tiny black holes and how they may behave.

Properties of a uniformly expanding universe – A simple theory about what might explain the fact that space probes seem to speed up as they move away from the solar system.

Quantum Mechanics or Whatever Happened to Reality? – I discussion of the Afshar Experiment.

List of stars closer than 20 light years SF writers often need a nearby star. Here is a nice list.