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Nouveau Beaujolais Day

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Each year on the third Thursday of November the Nouveau Beaujolais wine goes on sale. The wine is a "new" wine in that it is not aged. It is the 2008 grapes that have fermented and bottled. The Nouveaus are light, fruity and taste pretty much like grape cool-aid with a touch of alcohol.

I like these wines, even though they don’t have much of the character that we expect of a finished wine. Because they are not aged or blended with with other vintages or wines, they reflect the character of the grapes of the season. Nouveaus vary considerably from year to year depending on the weather. Last year was good, the year before was bad.

I will stop by at the wine store on the way home and buy a few bottles to check out. By the way, Nouveau Beaujolais is the perfect wine to have with a thanksgiving turkey.