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The day off – Last Autumn Color

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Since I work for the County of Westchester, I get election day off. I took some pictures and there is a google picassa album of the day. We are protected here and the trees change color later here than in the rest of the area.

The young dogwood tree turned shades of pastel pink.

The Japanese Maples turn scarlet.


Looking at my house from back in the woods:


Gracie helped me relax.

Early Voting Exit Poll

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

I voted a little after 8AM and it was had to park anywhere near the polling place. They moved the poll to a local elementary school, which does not have good access. When I voted last time there was no one there and it took about 30 seconds. This time I had to wait on line. The voting people told me that at 6AM there were lines out of the room, down the hall, and out the door.

I apologize for the misleading title if you got here through Google. I know how I voted and I am think I know how Erica voted, but I consider it bad manners to brag talk about it.

The Coming Hard Times

Monday, September 29th, 2008

dow As I write this the DOW is up a little from its 700 point loss. My stocks are down around 5% and I expect they’ll keep sliding about 20%, 40% or more. I wanted to sell, but we didn’t see the edge of the precipice until it was too late. I still want to sell. I had a few thousand dollars worth of an insurance company stock that I sold a few months ago, thank goodness.

The price of oil and the lack of oversight in the financial industry has resulted in synchronicity that will force things down and down. Banks all over the world are failing and I just read that congress has voted against the bail out. I have no doubt the bailout would have not have done anything but line the pockets of financial executives, though.

My own losses might be about $300k in stock and $300k in the value of my house, before this is over. I would say that I would get off easy except that the county government is going to have to do some cost cutting and that usually means getting rid of contractors. One way or the other, I may be retired in the coming year.

But, in spite of the bad news, I am a little happy that the economic policies of the Republicans has failed so dramatically. Bush will be remembered as the president, like Coolidge and Hoover 80 years ago, who presided over the conditions that led to this crash. The republicans were kept out of the white house for 20 years as a result of the 1929 crash. The fault was not entirely with the republicans, but the blame certainly fell on them, as it will this time. I once said that the only good thing about Bush was that after he left office few would vote for a republican president for a long time. It looks like this may be true.

The republican policies of regulation and less government oversight have resulted in their logical conclusion. We are in for a world wide monetary collapse. I expect to stand in line to get free bread as my grandfather would have done. I imagine that soon my neighbors and I will not be able to pay our property taxes and local governments will go bankrupt.

If it gets too much worse, I may have to cut back on cats. If Ollie throws up on the rug one more time… Watch out cats!

Election Polls Badge

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Click for has these neat badges for blogs. If you remember, 4 years ago I made several posts about and I found that these two sites really helped in understanding what was going on in the election.

It looks like a landslide today, but this tightens up quite a bit by November. If the Democrats take the senate, house and white house, will there be changes? Probably not anything substantive, and that’s the tragedy. It is good, however, to change the crooks in charge every few years.