Schenectady Writers Service 7/1/1957

This is the earliest Schenectady Writers Service newsletter that I have. It does not have and idea list as most of the others did. It does have some writing advice on adjectives, character names and story titles.

Character Names: Using adjectives for surnames often adds interest or humor.
Examples using common adjectives: William New, Sally Good, Jasmine Free, Walter Fresh, Amanda Delicious, Edgar Full, Mike Sure, Randolf Clean, Marilyn Wonderful, Alfred Special, Susan Crisp, Marjorie Fine.
Examples using uncommon adjectives: Walter Ponderous, Emily Lugubrious, Beverly Salubrious, Karl Quadrupedal, Jennie Sequential, Chester Corroborative, Billy Bilious, Vivian Viand, Lester Lilliputian, Stephanie Stentorian

Titles: Using contrasting words in a title draws attention to the title.
Dark Lightning, Bright Shadows, Dry Seas, Dry Blood, Wet Sand, Public Secrets, Useful Waste, Unread Books,
Negative Sums, Loose Chains, Slave King, Steel Fingers, Invisible Masks, Dark Morning, Rosy Corpse,
Locked Church, Unlocked Cell, Illogical Proof, Unmeasured Portion, Unfair Justice, Broken Fix, Failed Winner

Using Nouns as Adjectives. Using a noun as a modifier can spice up a description. Without saying like or as, make one noun modify another. One commonly uses apple cheeks without saying cheeks like apples, so use the same idea for unexpected combinations. It must be used sparingly for if overused the device can seem like an affliction. Examples: Snake road (for a road with dangerous curves), snow shovel morning, black cat moon, buzz saw hair, bluebird eyes, waterfall tears, stevedore hands, butterfly touch, oatmeal morning, firefly stars, baseball summer, etc.









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