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A while ago I read a story about an author who had a substance that he painted on a page and all of the adverbs would lift off and float out the window (where they found their way to an advertising company). I wish I could find it quickly.

I found a list of about 1200 frequently used adverbs and this detector will check your prose for adverbs. Adverbs should be banished from your stories.

Some of the adverbs in the list can be used as other parts of speech. They will show up here as problems, but you will have to decide if they are being used as adverbs or something else. Not everyone agrees that adverbs are bad, but there is some agreement that adverbs are often overused.

Copy your story and paste it into the box below and then submit. The adverbs will be highlighted in Red. (There are some adverbs in this text if you need some text to copy in order to test the code.)

Paste your text here and press when done:


  • “On Writing” author Stephen King gives the same advice.

    A greater challenge would be avoiding prepositions. 🙂

  • It does a outstanding job on finding adverbs. Marvelous, really. Although, it avoids a few adverbs, and doesn’t COMPLETELY find the adverbs. Overall, it’s excellent.

  • Gave a lot of the wrong answers and is not reliable

    • It’s just a simple select based on a word list. Many of the words can be used as adverbs or not. It would be up to the user to decide what is right and what to ignore.


  • Now what to do with all my RED pests? Re-write the whole thing? Creeps! Creepy! Creepery do! And I thought? Hoped? …. Maybe I’ll go on denial! No ambitions to become another King! 🙂

  • You don’t need to rewrite the whole thing, just reduce the advb use. Adverbs, like all word tools, have their uses, it’s just that they can be overused.

  • All those words highlighted in red are not adverbs. Words like on, out, about are prepositions. I wouldn’t rely on this adverb detector.

    • It says right in the text that it is a very simple adverb detector and it is not perfect. Many words can be used as adverbs, but also can be other parts of speech. It is a guide, not a dictator.

  • This was so very helpful!

  • This thing does not give all the adverbs in the sentence. I was using this source for IXl adverbs and I cannot get any questions correct.

    • The list of adverbs that it detects is limited. I did not try to include a list of ALL adverbs, just common ones.


  • so so helpful!!!!

  • It is gud but we cant fully rely on this detecter.

    • Many words are both adverbs and adjectives. There are many adverbs not included in the text. I just included a list of common adverbs and any word ending “ly”. So it is only a quick guide and you have to be able to tell when it screws up.


  • it’s missing an adverb

  • should try to update this this at least once a month so we can rely more on this

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      Facebook and Twitter have made blogs mostly obsolete. I have a FB page and Twitter feed, but they are hardly used.

      I have been retired for four years and I am not really interested in continuing the website.

      The domain will expire this year and I’ll be saying goodbye to and my other websties. 25 years is a good run on the internet.



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