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I found this list of stories that I have written. It doesn’t include some of “for the love of” sales and I think parts of 2007 and 2008 are missing. In 2007 I wrote quite a few flash stories and didn’t keep track of them. Also in 2007 I sold some stories, but was bummed out by the publishing process and did follow through on the record keeping. My master list needs cleaning up and redesigning, but this will give you an idea. The list has the submit date for sales in some cases rather than the sale or pub date.

I am going to make the ones that are out of print available here so that you can read them if you want. I will add them from time to time.

I want to add links to the stories. Many of the zines are dead and even on living zines there is no longer a link that will work, and some of these are print zines or anthologies. I may have to host them myself.

Story Title Sale or Submit Date Venue
Flare Bound 11/1/2003 The Martian Wave
Pigs Are People, Too ??/??/2003 AnotheRealm (flash)
Please Wash Your Hands ??/??/2003 AnotheRealm (flash)
Through the Stone Gate 1/16/2004 High Fantasy
Lucky Strike 1/20/2004 Lissner’s Adv Fic Onl
Perfect Gold 2/3/2004 Atsoise
The Break Out 3/11/2004 High Adventure
Scarce Words 3/15/2004 Aoife’s Kiss
Random Seed 3/25/2004 Aoife’s Kiss
Le Choix Des Armes 4/8/2004 Amazing Heros 3
The Thing in the Doghouse 5/4/2004 The Fifth Di…
The Field of the Beasts 8/18/2004 Atsoise
The Third Law 9/2/2004 Planet Mag
Frogs in Aspic 9/27/2004 Kidvisions
Please Wash Your Hands 10/1/2004 Another Realm
The Last Big Herd 1/9/2005 Hardosaur Tales
Elements of Surprise 6/1/2005 Cybertales
Well Met in Scarce 8/1/2005 Amazing Heroes III
The Hand 9/1/2005 Aoife’s Kiss
Feed The Cat 10/1/2005 The Christmas Cat
Familiar Christmas 10/1/2005 The Christmas Cat
The Quantum Genie 11/9/2005 The Fifth Di…
Losing Touch ??/??/2005 Astounding Tales (flash)
Note to Self 1/1/2006 StaticMo
Gremlins Over Normandy 3/7/2006 The Harrow
Unplugged 8/19/2006 The Martian Wave
The Telling 9/3/2006 The Martian Wave
Grow Fins 1/1/2007 StaticMo
At the Submarine Races 1/1/2008 StaticMo
Girl with the Error message Eyes 4/23/2008 AtomJack
Crayfish, I Hate Crafish! 9/1/2008 Southern Fried Weirdness
A Nest of Flames 10/1/2008 Tales of the Talisman
Repfix 2/2/2009 Electric Spec

Unsold stories

These are trunked – let me know if you need something. I’ve given my own opinion about each.

Sister Without Mercy – Flash about an old woman in a nursing home during Katrina. (Good)

Rescue Boat – Science Fiction story about an old woman and her grandchild waiting to be rescued from Katrina, replete with aliens. (Good)

The Marching Saints – Flash Weird Tale about a Cemetery in New Orleans during Katrina. (middlin)

The Shunned Well – Lovecraftian story about an old well in New Orleans during Katrina. (Needs a Lovecraft venue)

Gran Gator – another Katrina Story – (just odd)

Wild Cats over New Orleans – Yet Another Katrina Story – (stupid).

You Can’t Think About It – Story told to me by a friend who fought in Viet Nam. There are no Weird War Story venues. (pretty good)

Please Leave a Message – Story about a cellphone in a grave. (good)

The Window Washer Murder – A Cyber Crime Story, currently submitted. (Pretty Good, but very different.)

Where Can You Hide? – Rewrite of a flash about a boy running from danger in a space station. (ok)

The Duke’s Left Eye – High Fantasy about a witch rescuing her lover from an evil Duke. (I like it, but editors don’t)

The Thoat – Martian tale about a prospector and his pack beast. (needs much work).

On Ben Klibreck – Scottish ghost tale based on Tam O’Shanter. (OK, but there are no markets for Scottish Ghost tales)

God in a Bottle – Original version of the Quantum Genie. (Good)

The Dinosaur Dance Floor – YA story. (badly in need of a cleanup.)

Speed Trap – (Best story I ever wrote – 26 rejections).


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