Scott Adams Aventure Games


  • Great stuff!

    I’ve always wanted to know how the original games were written.
    I remember playing my first adventure game on a Vic-20 way back in 1981, and been hooked ever since.

    If you have anything like this in C#, let me know.

    Keep up the good work and keep the adventure alive!!


    • These were written in basic and then later in assembler. There are C ports so you may be able to port to c#.


  • Writing procedural code with GOTOs was a different world. When structured coding appeared there were programmers who quit rather than give up the GOTO command – they could not wrap there heads around while loops. Everything was global then and my javascript reflects these older (but more efficient) ways of coding.

  • The legendary GOTO command. Most developers these days have never experienced the delights of the GOTO command. Brings back a lot of good but old memories 🙂

    Is your javascript a direct port of the original source code?

  • brilliant stuff but cannot get pas mummy despite solutions archives

  • We enjoy playing the games. We would like to be able to save during the game.
    We downloaded the set of games with most of the games. We try to save and when we go to play the saved game we cannot open it. The error message indicates it is looking for a leading quote or something like that. What are we doing wrong? Do we need another program to fix this?
    Thank you.

    • It was working when I wrote these. I wrote these many years ago and I tested them on older browsers. I will check them now to see if there is anything that the new browsers broke.


  • Any progress on the problem reported by Joyce? My interpreter has the same problem — when I try to restore a saved game, it bombs and says that it expected a leading quote.

  • Joyce — if you ever check this site anymore — I know what you are doing wrong. I was having the same problem, but then I got in touch with Scott Adams (…the man himself!) and he helped me out. When you start the interpreter, do not try to load the saved game file. Instead, load the specific adventure you want to play (adv01.dat, adv02.dat, etc.). Then, once the adventure has loaded, click on the “file” button at the top of the page. There will be a pull-down menu, and one of the choices on the menu will be “load saved game.” The rest should be pretty self explanatory.

    BTW — Scott seems like a very nice guy.

  • pyramid of doom seems to have a bug in the initial panes. digging a hole doesn’t turn up a small key, and taking the stone doesn’t bring the nomad. i like this format — good lunchtime activity — but it’s odd that the same commands bring different results on a different site’s app. But thanks for this dive into nostalgia!

  • How do I obtain copies of these so I can put them on a telnet BBS as door games?

    • Telnet BBS – wow – I used to love BBSs. It would have to be written in basic, probably to run as a door. The Scott Adams games are available as compiled games, but they would have to be modified to save games under the user’s login.

      I used to have a bbs, and I have often thought of porting Fido or one of the other BBS programs to PHP so they could run as a web page. Threaded comment systems don’t seem to work as well as the old BBS message stuff.


  • This javascript interpreter is broken because each time through the loop it’s not calling PerformActions(0, 0) to fire off the default rules.

    You’re welcome. 🙂



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