Voices From The Sky, Arthur C. Clarke (1980)

October 17th, 2009

I can’t recommend this book enough. Every aspiring Science Fiction writer should have this book in his collection and re-read it on a regular basis. It has more sciencefictional ideas than any book I’ve ever read.

Arthur C. Clarke is much more than a Science Fiction writer. He is a space enthusiast. He belonged to the British organization The Interplanetary Society when it had only 10 members. Clarke helped work out the details that eventually would put a man on the moon. He not only predicted communications satellites, he wrote a paper detailing exactly how it should be done including some hard science and complicated math proving that it would not only be possible but economical. Clarke received $40 when he sold it to Wireless World magazine. That’s a small price for one of the greatest inventions in space technology.

Every chapter is a science lesson, but from the viewpoint of how the science can be used in the future. The book is a remarkably accurate description of space, the future and many advances in technology.

Voices From the Sky is not Science Fiction, but it is imbued with the sense of wonder that makes Science Fiction so much fun to read. The stories, ideas and recollections in the book are all factual, but they make Clarke’s life seem like a science fiction story.

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