Making Light: North Country Computing

North Country Computing Terms (a little dated now):

  1. Log On: Making the wood stove hotter
  2. Log Off: Don’t add any more wood
  3. Monitor: Keeping an eye on the wood
  4. Download: Getting the wood off the truck
  5. Megahertz: When you’re not careful getting the firewood
  6. Floppy Disk: What you get from trying to carry too much wood
  7. Ram: That thing that splits the wood
  8. Hard Drive: Getting home in the winter time in the snow
  9. Prompt: What the mail isn’t in the winter time
  10. Windows: What you shut when it’s cold outside
  11. Screen: What you shut when it’s black fly season
  12. Byte: What those dang black flies do
  13. Chip: Munchies for the TV
  14. Microchip: What’s in the bottom of the munchies bag
  15. Modem: What you did to the hay fields
  16. Keyboard: Where you hang the keys
  17. Software: Those dang plastic forks and knives
  18. Mouse: What eats the grain in the barn
  19. Mainframe: What holds up the barn roof
  20. Port: Fancy wine
  21. Random Access Memory: When you can’t remember what you paid for the rifle, when your wife asks.

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