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I have been using DropBox for a while and it has worked perfectly. I keep all of my work files (not day job) in a DropBox folder. Copying or editing a file in my DropBox folder means that behind the scenes it is copied to the DropBox cloud. If I work on a file on my day job computer, I can come home and start working on laptop on the same file where I left off. The file exists in both places and the DropBox software keeps synchronizing it with the cloud. If I loose either computer for whatever reason, the files are safe.

Google has done the same thing with Google Drive (used to be Google Documents). I installed the Google Drive software and now I have a Google Drive directory on my disk. Any changes I make to files in the folder is automatically copied to the Google cloud. It is backup and Synchronize software all in one, just like DropBox.

The advantage of Google Drive is that I have 25 gigabytes on Google, but I only have 2.5 Gigs on DropBox.

I am busy copying by website data to Google Drive. This is about 10 Gigs. Google Drive keeps crapping out on me. I guess it is not ready for prime time. It works fine a few megabytes, but it does not seem to be bale to handle a few gigs. One time my PC locked up with a black screen – it was very frightening. Right now I am getting a message that it cannot sync. Oops, it just started up again and is trying to sync 20,000 files. It just crashed again, but my machine did not lock up this time.

I would be happy if I could sync my website files and that way not have to worry about collisions or versions. I would always have to most recent versions.

I would really really like it if I could install some flavor of Google Drive on my web hosting company and then be able edit a file on my PC and have the changes immediately appear on the site. I think that this cloud idea is one of the new BIG things in computing – something we will take for granted in the future. Right now I would be happy if Google Drive would stop crashing and finish synching my files.


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