Holographic Rock Star

This is very much a Cyberpunk meme. Hatsune Miku is a Japanese rock star that is entirely computer generated. She appears on stage as a giant holographic image and her voice is synthesized from a baseline female voice. The voice, perhaps, is the most interesting thing about her. A real singer’s voice is sampled and broken down into its components and used as a look-up table for new music and words. It might be possible using this technology to take Frank Sinatra’s voice, break it down and reassemble it so we could hear old blue eyes singing a Lady Ga Ga song.

The performance is very ordinary, but its like a dog singing God Bless America, it is not that the dog does it well, it is amazing that the dog can do it all.

We will see much more of this and eventually there will be performances with real artistic genius, and not just a video where we say “son-of-a-gun” and move onto the next thing on our list.


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