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Hermie finds Catnip

Hermie came to visit us last year and is finally getting used to us. He was abandoned when his owners moved away and left him. Hermie loves Erica but he is not too sure about me. I’m too big and loud. Max, Blue, Furry and Hermie are strays that came to stay because the neighbors […]

FaceBook Circles of Friends

I’ve been on FaceBook for a month or so. I’ve also been on Twitter mostly to advertise blog posts and new projects, but I deleted my MySpace account. I am not sure why I am on FaceBook. I felt at the time that I might be able to use it to get work. Since I […]

Earthman, Come Home, James Blish (1955)

In the novel Earthman, Come Home, the third book in the Cities in Flight series, shorter works are joined into a story about the Mayor of New York as the city travels between the stars looking for work. The book, is not a good novel, but it is a great anthology. The attempts to smooth […]

Bad Bee

They were upset with me last night when I tried to refill the feeder. A couple of stings on the forehead and one on the jaw.

Where the Money Is

I was shocked to discover that my bee blog had made me $25 so far this month. This is based on a dozen or so readers per day. How can 12 readers a day make me $25 in the first 10 days of May? I find it difficult to conceive, but it happened. I make […]

Bee Progress: My Third Nuc

My third beehive is now started. I got a sting on my finger, but otherwise things are settling down. I blogged it on the Bee Progress blog. From:

Book Reading is far from Dead

I have been under the impression that book sales is on the decline in the U.S and that reading books is going out of fashion. I was wondering how many people read. I forget why I asked the question, but I was under the impression that I was the only one reading more than a […]

A Life for the Stars, James Blish

I am reading all four of the Cities in Flight novels. A life for the Stars is the second in the series. I read this for the first time about 45 years when it was newly published in the pages of Analog. I have read it two or three times since, but I remembered very […]


Buy the Book!

I cleaned up my tab for Sonny Boy's Help Me and made it into a short book. There's a Kindle version for 99 cents, and if you buy the paperback you get the Kindle free.

Playing "Help-Me" In the Style of Sonny Boy Williamson II: A step by step, note for note analysis of some of Sonny Boy's Signature Riffs

I also write Science Fiction, so you can sample some of my best stories. Also available in Kindle format.

Error Message Eyes: A Programmer's Guide to the Digital Soul


Keith Graham's Links

I started reading Science Fiction in the 1950s. I started Writing SF in the 1960s. Then, I had a life. Now I am retired, raising chickens and keeping bees. I am still an avid reader and I have sold about 70 stories in the last 20 years.
I have been collecting information about writing Science Fiction for many years now. Social media has replaced the Blog and large dedicated websites, so the pages here are mostly static. I update them from time to time.


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