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Character Sheet

I’ve cleaned up and spell checked the character sheet system that I wrote. I’ve added some historical and social items that E. Jim suggested. It seems to be be the most comprehensive sheet that I’ve been able to find by googling. I did not include things like “favorite color” – there has to be a […]

Nyack Burger Hop

The old Lincoln dealership in Central Nyack, near the thruway overpass is now a burger joint. The burgers look good. It’s too bad that I gave up beef nearly a year ago. It must be lunch time, because my mouth is watering and my stomach grumbling. I guess I’ll go out and get a salad. […]

Eric on TV (cable news 12)

My friend Eric, who plays guitar with Frankie D. & the Boys, had his 15 seconds of fame when the local cable news channel featured him playing at one of the Nyack inaugural balls. If I had known he was going to be there I might have been able to sneak in without paying the […]

Inauguration Technology

I tried to watch the Inauguration Speech on the computer with streaming video and the tech failed miserably. Either the flow from the feeds was overloaded or else the local office network was. In any case I could not get anything but a word here and there. I would predict that in four years we […]

Fictional Character Profile

A couple of years agi I started writing an automated character sheet to document fictional characters. I wanted to change the character in a story that I am writing so I found it and finished it. It collects a bunch of information about a character and even does a couple of psychological profiles. It produces […]

Old Nuclear-Powered Soviet Satellite Acts Up

A 1987 nuclear device orbited by the Soviets is spewing radioactive debris. This has to be a good source of story ideas. I can see a modern techno-thriller based on this, or even a golden age type story. The solution to this problem must be technological, but an equally intriguing political aspect might be good […]

Suburban Archeology – Privy Digging

Privy diggers find and excavate old outhouses. Before there were dumps, people tossed their garbage in abandoned privies. Also things fell out of people’s pockets. Old privies have hundreds of old bottles in them. 150 year old bottles are highly collectable and good examples can go for hundreds of dollars. Privy digging is associated with […]

Dream a Little Dream

I saw this this morning. It is a nice start to a cold day. I enjoyed it quite a bit (once past the silly start). Good song, well done – with a ukulele!


Buy the Book!

I cleaned up my tab for Sonny Boy's Help Me and made it into a short book. There's a Kindle version for 99 cents, and if you buy the paperback you get the Kindle free.

Playing "Help-Me" In the Style of Sonny Boy Williamson II: A step by step, note for note analysis of some of Sonny Boy's Signature Riffs

I also write Science Fiction, so you can sample some of my best stories. Also available in Kindle format.

Error Message Eyes: A Programmer's Guide to the Digital Soul


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