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Serendipitous Algorithmic Writing

This is an interesting website that generates things like French Names, Plot twists and Fantasy Novel Titles. It uses a vocabulary database and arranges elements randomly. The results are usually funny, but sometimes useful. I like the silly Fantasy novel titles. They are right on the money. Serendipity: “Ever feel like most fantasy authors generated […]

Erica’s Lasik Surgery

I took the day off Thursday to drive Erica down to the eye doctor. She finally, after years of struggling with her vision, had laser surgery on her eyes. She had a strange case because of a very bad astigmatism in her left eye and she was far sighted. The technology finally caught up with […]

Buying Books by the Pound

I bought 57 books on eBay – about 14 pounds. (picture is of a random sample) They arrived today. These are great books, most from the 1960s and 70s. Many are unknown or little known authors. I don’t think that I’ve read about three quarters of them. This is going to last me until around […]

Guitar Gear

My harmonica websites makes money. Musical Gear in general makes money. I find that the parts of my sites that deal with Guitars make more money than the harp sections. With this in mind, I’ve turned my automated web pages into a gear site for guitar players called I am afraid that the design […]

Sterling E. Lanier – The Unforsaken Hiero

Sterling E. Lanier is a Good writer, but did not write all that many books, and the ones he wrote seem to be out of print. I guess that his day job took up much of his time. He produced two of these Hiero books and several other SF titles. I picked up this at […]


Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of this blog. I’ve made 1270 entries and I’ve gone for as long as six months without an entry. I’ve had an email address since around 1990 and made my first web page in 1994. I wrote my first program in 1969 and I wrote my first program for pay […]

Stereo 3-Speed Turntable

The price is right – $39 – free shipping. If you listen to vinyl (and vinyl sounds best) then this might be an inexpensive addition to your entertainment setup.

Firefox and FedEx Kinkos

One of my users had the great idea of printing out their star certificate at FedEx Kinkos. I decided to try this and see how it works, but I discovered that their website will not work with Firefox. I am not sure why. It seems so dumb to write a website and then not test […]


Buy the Book!

I cleaned up my tab for Sonny Boy's Help Me and made it into a short book. There's a Kindle version for 99 cents, and if you buy the paperback you get the Kindle free.

Playing "Help-Me" In the Style of Sonny Boy Williamson II: A step by step, note for note analysis of some of Sonny Boy's Signature Riffs

I also write Science Fiction, so you can sample some of my best stories. Also available in Kindle format.

Error Message Eyes: A Programmer's Guide to the Digital Soul


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I started reading Science Fiction in the 1950s. I started Writing SF in the 1960s. Then, I had a life. Now I am retired, raising chickens and keeping bees. I am still an avid reader and I have sold about 70 stories in the last 20 years.
I have been collecting information about writing Science Fiction for many years now. Social media has replaced the Blog and large dedicated websites, so the pages here are mostly static. I update them from time to time.


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