Election 2008: Presidential, Senate and House Races Updated Daily

I watched this site at the last election and it has some nice graphs and charts and this very useful map showing each state and how it stands. Although Obama is ahead at the moment, the press is making too big a thing about him winning a large number of dinky states. Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Oregon have many more delegates than the small states that Obama has been winning. Hillary is ahead in many of these states.

There are those 200 PLEOs that are not pledged to any candidate. These delegates are there to offset any irrational exuberance from the voters, and Obama’s supporters are exuberant, although only partly irrational.

Electoral-Vote.com mentions that the Republican dirty tricks are already painting Obama as a Muslim. They are saying that he used a Koran to be sworn in, which is simply not true. I had previously heard that rumor and I thought that he had indeed done this, but it is just the usual Republican dirty tricks.

I can’t see a Hillary/Obama or Obama/Hillary ticket, but I can’t imagine who else either of them can bring to the #2 spot that would help them win. Surely not Edwards or any of the other also-rans.

I prefer Hillary over Obama, but I can’t say that I would be too upset by Obama getting in. On the other hand, I find it hard to dislike McCain (as opposed to the idiot in office). I think he is being stupid in unconditionally supporting the war and I doubt he is as far right wing as he is trying to paint himself. He is in bed with a bad crowd right now and he won’t get my vote. At least he is more reasonable than anyone in the Republican crowd. He may be too old. I have heard a rumor from John B. that Condie Rice will be McCain’s running mate to offset the race/gender issues that Hillary and Obama represent. I am hoping his running mate is Romney, who just strikes me as smarmy and big a negative. Huckabee at least plays bass in a blues band.

Current national election poles show McCain beating Hillary, but Obama beating McCain, which explains why McCain is dissing Obama much more than Hillary – McCain would be better off if Hillary got the nomination.

Election 2008: Presidential, Senate and House Races Updated Daily

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  1. envaneo wrote:

    Hillary or Obama won’t get elected. Why? Because the America public as a whole aren’t liberal enough to ever accept a woman much less a black man into the Presidential Office.

    Our own Kim Campbell was elected PM even though she ran on the Conservative (Republican) ticket because the Canadian consciousness was willing to look past stereotypes and vote for the person to best lead the country. Even though she lost her seat in 42days (there’s a joke about that-really.) After the Kim Campbell experience I think it will be a long time before Canadians elect a woman into PM Office either.

    I’m no expert but it seems to me that there is still too much racial polarization in your country and even growing in our own that will go against Obama and that is sad in itself

    I’m afraid you folks will get another Republican leader.

    Personally I’d love to see Hillary or Obama win. (I would also love to have Et land on the White House lawn and say “We are your friends and will save humanity from yourselves.”) Personally wishful thinking on my part either way. Hillary or Obama stand as much chance of being elected as the above space alien scenario.


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