Monthly Archives: March 2007

Giornale Nuovo

One of the blogs that I read, Giornale Nuovo, has this watercolor from the early 1800s. It would make a good book cover, I think, if I ever publish a book of short stories. I would have to write a story that fits the picture, though. Soehnée Between May 1818 and May 1819, Charles-Frédéric Soehnée […]

Justine’s Boxes and Miscellanea

I received two more boxes from Justine. She is cleaning out her closets. I hope that I can convince her to send another box, because there is so much stuff missing. These latest boxes contained a 4 year old Dell XPS desktop computer. This is the biggest mother of a computer that I’ve ever seen. […]

Worlds with Double Sunsets Common

I once read that it would be difficult for a binary sun to have planets. The complex gravitation would pull the planet apart or eventually bring it so close to one or another of the suns that it would boil away any water. This has recently been shown not to be the case. Many binary […]

Web Metrics Part One – Web Log Analysis

I am sorry, but I can’t stop writing these techy pieces. Those of you who need more on the status of my house and yard, where I go on weekends, or what stories I’ve written recently; please be patient, I will get this stuff out of my system eventually. I am sick of the damn […]

Raph Koster on magic and games

J Erwine is working on some gaming ideas and has asked for input. I’m to old to have played the D&D variety of game, so I did not respond, but I saw this link in this morning and followed it. A blogger posted the transcript on a Ralph Koster’s talk about game development. I […]

New Toys

I received a bunch of stuff from Justine via FedEx. I expect more tomorrow. It is all out of date computer equipment that she used at work. I have a total of 6 notebook computers that she sent me. I’ve got several working, but two are missing batteries and several have no power supply. Most […]

Old Rhyme

I bought a 200 gig disk drive and last night was transferring as many of my old archives as I can to it. I have it in a USB box and I can carry it between work and home. I found this old thing written perhaps 30 years ago. When I was writing Fumets, I […]


Neil Gaiman‘s Stardust has a website. This is such a cool looking movie. I may actually go and see it. It is not often that I see a movie trailer and it makes me want to go see the movie. It comes out in August. Maybe Ward or Robert can get me a bootleg dvd […]