Monthly Archives: February 2007

Sciencefictional Stories

Now that the ScienceFictional is gone, I would like to publish the stories that I wrote for it. I wrote a Viet Nam war flash story that I like. I reworked this one quite a bit quite a bit, cleaning it up and changing some some plot points, adding 400 words. It is still only […]

Web Host Transfer

I finished moving websites to This is the largest web host in the world. My only beef with them is that they use a home grown java based stats program. I would much prefer Awstats, which produces very good reports. They are based out of Germany, but the data center is in NYC. The […]

If you can read this….

I transferred my domain and 20 others to 1and1 hosting today. After the problems with HostMerit, I thought it best. I liked the idea that it was local and I liked the idea that it was a hacker entrepreneur running the site, and I liked that it was cheap. But, Hostmerit was not stable […]

Lost data

Once again my hosting company has screwed me. It lost all of the mySQL database data going back to 10/15/2006. How can you do that? It lost a bunch of blog posts and one of my projects is missing entirely. Never use

The Illustrated Cat

My brother Larry found this searching eBay for obscure guitar parts. This picture was included with an auction for a Gibson ES-355 pickguard. He called me three times to make sure that I blogged it. The pendant must have been a tricky paint job.

The Fleas are Coming

I am having a serious Flea Market jones. I want to go to a flea market and buy some treasures. Here is the up and coming schedule starting in April. I guess I’ll have to just hunker down and wait through the end of February and then March. April 2 – Elephant’s Trunk opens. Good […]

Wil Wheaton Links In

Wil Wheaton’s blog linked to this site (the cliches list) and instead of 300 distinct users and 500 page views a day, I jumped up to 1500 distinct users and 3000 page views per day for the last few days. Actually that’s not a lot compared to my other sites, but it is interesting that […]

I need a Vacation

I occasionally dip my left big toe in the job pool to test the water. I have resumes at Monster and a few other job sites. I make a separate email address for each one so I can track where my job offers come from. In the last few months, I have been receiving spam […]