Monthly Archives: January 2007

Dick Cheney 1991 quote

Dick Cheney in 1991 on ABC’s This Week said this. He was then Senior Bush’s Secretary of Defense. I think for us to get American military personnel involved in a civil war inside Iraq would literally be a quagmire. Once we got to Baghdad, what would we do? Who would we put in power? What […]

Paul Jessup Is Lurking in my Gmail Account

Who in the world is Paul Jessup and why is he on my gmail page? I use for my personal mail. I find it extremely well thought out and useful. It is significantly faster than my AOL, Yahoo, or Onebox accounts. in particular is hard to use in comparison and I would drop […]

Cultural Concerns in Computational Architecture

Cultural Concerns in Computational ArchitectureInteresting article on Non-Standard Praxis. The “Non-Standard” in Non-Standard Praxis refers ambiguously to Nonstandard Analysis in mathematics and to emerging computational approaches in architecture. Some of the phrases in titles of presentations at the conference include: performativity, topologies, virtual standardization, amorphous space, hyperbody research, immaterial limits, affective space, algorithmic flares, the […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

The temperature was 7 degrees when I got up this morning. (That’s about -14 C to some of you). I am happy to say that the new high efficiency furnace that I installed myself kept the house nice and warm despite the cat door in the basement that lets in cold air. (That cat door […]

Yellow Pine Harmonica Fest 2007

I wanted to post this so I had an excuse to put the harp playing squirrel on the site. Each year during the first full weekend of August this sleepy mountain hamlet is transformed into the harmonica capital of the western world. Entering its 18th year in 2007 (August 3-5), the Yellow Pine Harmonica Contest […]

Star Hunter by Andre Norton

For some reason Star Hunter by Andre Norton is in the public domain. This means that you can copy it and print it and someone has read the entire novel and sent the mp3 files up to the Internet Archives site. I am downloading it and I want to try and listen to it at […]

P & E

Analogically Yours is #9 #8 in the P & E poll. Chris put a another story of mine in under SF Novels. Strangely enough, I outlined the novel based on that story and wrote about 20,000 words before giving up. It was too much like work.There has been discussion that non-writers can put in any […]

Hack the Razr!

I have a Verizon plan that gives you a free phone every two years. I don’t use my phone much, and I missed the last opportunity to upgrade. However, in December I got my free Razr V3M in the mail and I’ve been using it from time to time. I wanted the Razr because it […]