Monthly Archives: December 2006

New Year’s Eve

Years ago, Erica and I went down to Times Square for New Year’s. I bought tickets to a Broadway show and when it finished up we went out to watch the ball drop. It was cold, Erica was woozy on pain medication because of foot operation, and we couldn’t get very close to the action. […]


I had Christmas dinner with Justine, but I forgot to bring some of her presents. Oh, well. All the more cheesecake for me.

Bah Hamburger

I lucked out this Christmas, both Erica and Justine bought me things from the Kelly Freas estate. I got a very cool poster from Justine, and some signed Astounding Issues and cards from Erica. I collect Astounding Magazines. This one is in perfect condition and is signed by Mr. Freas. It is also the January […]

Where do all the hippies meet?

South Street. South Street. I did some shopping down in Philly on Friday. Traffic was killer and it took me 4 hours to drive home. I had a cheese steak at Jim’s Steaks. I took the Kodak, which takes a decent picture, but the flash wasn’t working quite right. I still can’t touch type on […]

Larry’s Cruise

My brother Larry went on a cruise. Click the image. The First few pictures in the camera are of floor tile. My regular computer is broken and the computer that I am using has a tiny keyboard so this is all I can type.

The Secret Cheesecake Warehouse

Erica and I went down to the Lincoln Park airport. Erica is a pilot and had to look at a plane. We passed this signand we followed the signs to a warehouse in an industrial area.Where they sell frozen cheescakes! They only do it for a feww weeks around the holidays. They are hardly ever […]

Getting Near Christmas

We cut down our tree last week up in Battenkill, NY. I forgot to bring the camera. Today, Erica cleaned up the living room and we put up the tree. I put the candle lights in the windows. I tried to take a picture, but it’s not so good. Justine, Erica’s sister, sent us three […]


Things Magazine referenced this blog and called it “one of those wunderkammerblogs”. I like German composite words and I looked up Wunderkammer and found that it means: Cabinets of curiosities (also known as Wunderkammer or wonder-rooms) were collections of types of objects we now regard as quite separate, but whose boundaries were in the Renaissance […]