Monthly Archives: November 2006

Stories at Static Movement

Chris at Static Movement Magazine announced that she was not getting any submissions. I know how hard it is to get people to submit to a free venue. Chris has developed a small community at Static-Mo, but she got distracted by Paul Campbell’s RAZAR which is an exiting and very interesting idea. Chris and her […]

Seeing Eye Dogs

Two doors down from the building that I work in is Guiding Eyes for the Blind. When I go out for coffee or lunch I see the dogs being trained to lead the blind, and sometimes a blind person being trained to walk with the dog. The dogs are golden retrievers, black labs, and black […]

Jack reading On The Road

I’ve always thought of myself as “beat” rather than “hippie”. Kerouac, Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, and the rest are just perfect sometimes and just awful the rest. You have to dig through their work to find the great stuff, but it is worth it.Here is a very cool interview that Jack Kerouac did with Steve Allen (Allen […]

J is giving away free stuff!

J. Erwine is giving away some of his books. It’s like one of those radio call -ins: Listener # 17 gets the free tickets. In this case if you are requester 0 modulo 10 for the set of positive numbers (sorry, I’m a math geek; that’s #10,#20 or #30) then you get a book.I already […]

Top Ten Great SF Spaceships

There is a list going around of the top ten Film and TV space ships. I am not all that interested in what non-readers consider important so I decided to put together another list of Science Fiction spaceships – the written kind of SF. I am just getting started and I need suggestions. This is […]

My Last Outstanding Submission

I’ve had a sub at Black Gate for 306 days. This is the last story that I’m waiting for. I don’t do much story submission any more. Today there was a data point on the black hole reporter for Black Gate for a 338 day rejection. They are not catching up. The wait keeps getting […]

Web Site Stats

I’ve noticed that my income from web pages is up about 40% over last year. Part of this is optimizing, part is new content, and part is higher payment rates. One part that I don’t understand is the large increase in traffic lately. I have not been thinking much about traffic growth. I say “son-of-a-gun” […]

Men in Black Suits are watching us Spec Fic bloggers

J Erwine had his logs erased to hide evidence that some black-ops government agencies have been monitoring science fiction writers, editors and publishers. Before the erasure, he was able to determine that ip addresses belonging to certain government agencies were repeatedly hitting his web sites thousands of times. Last night, all of my blogs were […]