Monthly Archives: July 2006

Robert Finally Wins at Poker

The other night, Robert, won at poker. Robert is know for his over-the-top performances at the local improv club, and this little video clip is an example of what we have to put up with.

Another Web Page????

Yet another free website. This one is everything that Microsoft OfficeLive wanted to be and yet wasn’t. All that you would need is the ability to attach a domain name and you’d have a decent site. Google would have to add a few widgets and apps, but it could be a useable business starter site. […]

Space Squid

This is an odd zine. I tried to sell a story their once and they liked it but it was not weird enough for them. They are having some kind of Issue # Two release party down in Austin at Fado’s (214 west 4th) August 1, 6:30. It sounds like my kind of thing: including […]

Batshit Crazy: T-Shirt Humor: The Funny T-Shirt Store

Chris claims that she has never heard of the term Bat-Shit Crazy. Well, Chris, here’s the T-shirt! Batshit Crazy: T-Shirt Humor: The Funny T-Shirt Store

Science Fictional – A Journal of Science Fiction

My brother had to clean out the back yard. The town has told him that he had to get rid of the old Chevies and his lawn mower collection. He rented a dumpster and started cleaning out the barn so he could store some of his treasures. He dumped piles of stuff including a wonderful […]

Space date set for Scotty’s ashes

The ashes of Scotty (James Doohan), my favorite Star Trek character, are going to be launched into space. The symbolic act would have pleased him, I think. Although we only know the part that the actor played and not the man, from all accounts, James Doohan was every bit as nice a guy as the […]

Bad host – Bad host!

I switched over to Hostmerit for some of my websites a few months ago. If you follow the blog, you will remember that I lost a week at the previous host when they shut me off without notice. I was able to resolve that, but I contracted with because they were local (Newark, NJ) […]

Apollo 11 – 37 years

Tyree reminded me what happened this week 37 years ago. Summer of 69 I was working to get enough money to go to college. I missed things. I didn’t go to Woodstock because I couldn’t take off the time from work. I missed the live Lunar Landing because I was working overtime in a dark […]