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J Alan Erwine is Free!

J Alan Erwine is free! Go congratulate him.

Czech Bunnies

My Cousin’s teenage girl is producing some fairly decent music that she posted on MySpace. The last time I saw Becca she was a cute little child, not much more than a baby. Now she is a teenager in San Diego with a MySpace page containing some simply done but impressive songs. She and a […]

Jim Baen Passed Away Yesterday

From David Drake: Jim Baen passed away peacefully and with dignity at 5 pm yesterday, June 28, 2006. JIM BAENOctober 22, 1943 – June 28, 2006 Jim Baen (via David Drake’s website)

J. Erwine is hawking his books

LOWERING ONE'S SELF BEFORE FATETHE OPIUM OF THE PEOPLEMARIONETTES ON THE MOON I thought that J could use some links into his site to try and boost his google page rank.

400GB Hard Drive – $110

Outpost is selling a seagate 400gb hard drive for $110. This is 27.5 cents per gig and makes a 40 gig drive worth $11. Average users won’t fill a 40 gig drive in their PC’s lifetime – that’s tens of thousands of mp3 files. I do some video editting and I have yet to fill […]

Back today

Working for the county, everything is political. Luckily, this stuff happens way above me and I get to work quietly in a dark cubicle in the corner. Friday, they installed the blocking software to prevent non-county email access and all non-business sites. I couldn’t blog and I couldn’t read my mail. I came in this […]

County Blocks

I host my blogs on my own websites, but I use to manage the posts. Blogger is simplistic, but it works. I would like all the features of WordPress, et al, but blogger is simple and painless. I work for the County Government (I won’t say which). They just put in blocking software that […]

Chaotic Outbursts

Kind of neat idea. My mind doesn’t work like this, but I wish that I had thought of it. It’s kind of a random graffiti board. I hope that the spammers keep away from it. Can you guess which are mine? What’s Your Outburst? The .com domain name is not registered yet. This is at […]