Monthly Archives: May 2006

The Propaganda Remix Project

I could not pass up this cool Ace books remix. I’d love to read it. It has all of my favorite authors. Edited by Don Wollheim – you can’t beat that! I don’t like to get political because so many of my friends are conservative, but even conservatives are realizing that Bush and Cheney’s neo-conservatism […]

Moved to new server

I moved the blog to my new hosting server. It should be a little faster and I can now start to reorganize

Free Name A Star Starts Off Well

My free name a star site had a decent first weekend. I got about 20 registrations and $2.00 in ad revenue. That’s pretty good for practically no promotion and no search page rank. I had my first spam and my first stupid kid entry (a star named Hitler). I had to write the edit program […]

Free Name a Star

I’ve finished setting up my latest get rich slow scheme. lets you register a star name (I scarfed the Smithsonian’s star catalog) and then print out a certificate, just like my site. On the original NameAGalaxy site I am doing about 5 new galaxies a day, and most people find the site through […]

Pictures of Mill Today

This is a picture taken from the same place as the poster picture (circa 1896). It has been a wet spring so it looks like a jungle. This is a picture of the remains of the dam. There is an access road there now, leading to some houses on the other side of the creek […]

More on the Polhemus Grist Mill – The Clarksville Witch

Here is the story of the Mill from the last post. I have taken part of this from Now and Then in Rockland County, NY, compiled by Cornellia F Bedell. 1941 edition. The house where the witch lived was probably where my house is today. The Clarksville Witch – 1816 The belief in witchcraft in […]

Polhemus Mill

This is a poster of the Polhemus Mill that was put up down at the West Nyack Post office. The Polhemus family live on Germonds Road, West Nyack, a few hundred feet from my house. They had a dam on the Germonds Creek. I am a direct descendent from Theosophus Polhemus who came the New […]

Larry and Ward and the 64 Chevy

I found this picture of Larry and Ward. That was a great car, but Larry’s job moved to Suffern, about ten miles, and he could no longer afford the gas.1964 Chevy Bel Air wagon. Correction: I originally said it was a 65. I have been corrected.