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[email protected]

I have not thought about [email protected] since I was at IBM. I put the new engine up on my machine, but, unfortunately, the servers aren’t sending out work today. If you have a decent machine, you can use it to search for extraterrestrial Intelligence in its spare time. It automatically stops while you are actually […]

Variable Star: Robert A. Heinlein,Spider Robinson

Spider Robinson has delivered the book he wrote based on Heinlein’s notes from 1955. Spider writes very much like Heinlein so this should be an interesting read. I have pre-ordered it at Amazon. Variable Star: Robert A. Heinlein,Spider Robinson

"The Telling" rejected again

It’s not all bad news. This is a difficult story based on Whittier’s Telling the Bees poem. And the song she was singing ever sinceIn my ear sounds on:–“Stay at home, pretty bees, fly not hence!Mistress Mary is dead and gone!” There was some good new, though. Joy Marchand, the editor of Shimmer Magazine, said: […]

Happy Birthday Erica!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walking around Rockland Lake on Sunday

The first robin that I’ve seen even looks a little pregnant. My Mom’s been seeing robins for two weeks, but this is my first robin sighting of the year.This picture of a ducks on sunny water. I will be using the full size version as my new computer wallpaper. (click on most of these pictures […]

12 or 13?

Count the men – 12 before the move and 13 afterwards. Huh????This image has been bothering me. I can usually find the secret in these tricks and optical illusions.This one is not so easy. Where does the 13th man come from.Here is a another image with color to show the parts .

Britney Naked

A good chunk of my traffic comes from my spoof pages. I have 3 pages on every website that have links with the words Britney Nude Video or something like that. I scattered the links around my websites. Of course the links go to my harmonica sites or one of the others. (see menu on […]

Cool Honda Commercial

Jim sent me this originally. The rehersal video is actually better than the film. Honda (UK) – Civic