Monthly Archives: February 2006

1 billion iTunes for iPod

Apple had its one billionth iTunes download last night. 99 cents a download for most of them. Read the Daily News story: 1 billion iTunes for iPodWe’ve had a several thousand free MP3 story downloads at, many were for Harmonica Instruction, but the Short Stories are cranking along with a nice growth curve. I […]

webcast.berkeley | Courses | Podcast Feeds

The University of California – Berkeley has put a bunch of audio lectures on the internet as podcasts. I listened to a few and they are compressed, that is to say the audio quality has been reduced and the top and bottom frequencies taken out to decrease the size of the audio file. It makes […]

New Audio Story posted – and other news

I posted The Thing in the Doghouse at It is the longest story yet. It was 3850 words and is just about 20 minutes long. The 5 minutes per thousand rule is holding. I added a stupid banjo riff to the front and back of the story. I have read that some sites prefer […]

Subs ‘n Rejs

After a long discussion with Arthur, I rewrote and resubbed my Gemlins Over Normandy story to The Harrow. They liked it and may buy it. I wrote this story for a historical specfic zine and it killed them. There are a some sites that like historical fantasy, but I never had the confidence in this […]

Free Loop Sampler

Get this CD. It comes with Acid Xpress and a whole bunch of music loop stuff. I don’t like computer music, but it is quite possible to mix up some nice background music or rhythm lines for your stories. You can download all of it from the Sony site, but it is nice to have […]

Black Hole Extension

I have updated my critters black hole extensions. It shows 3 days activity by default and is a little easier to use now. Black Hole Extension

Crystal Fusion

Portable fusion generator. It does not generate electricity, but neutrons. It could be used as a clean neutron source for medical imaging, but it has the potential of being a power source.I remember seeing an “integrated circuit” hobby kit at an electronics store when I was a kid. The IC was about an inch long […]

Snow Bound

We got hit with just under two feet of snow. The first picture was at 10AM and we’ve received another few inchs since then. Ollie found some antique quilt squares Erica is putting one eBay.