Monthly Archives: January 2006

Microphone Available

I have finally put up a PayPal buy-it link for my HP Multimedia Microphones. These are great for authors who want to produce audio versions of their stories. It is at my website. The coding goes slowly. I have cleaned up almost all of the HTML, but the database stuff is not ready for […]

Losing Touch – Flash story at AstoundingTales,com

I have a flash story (1000 words or less) at in the Pole 69 contest. I’m not in the contest officially because I am an editor. Arthur is putting together the best of AstoundingTales part deux – the best flash. I wanted to be in the book, so I cobbled up a story out […]

The Harrow

I received a rewrite request on a story that I sent to the Harrow. I am surprised at this. The story, Gremlins Over Normandy, is a light-weight piece. It is only 1900 words. The editors liked it, but thought that a few changes might make it a better story. I am faced with the dilemma […]

Voice to Text

My friend, John Ballard, has some audio interviews that he is trying to convert to text to help him with a book that he’s writing. He downloaded some software to try to help him. I have been trying to convert text files to speech, but converting from speech to text is nearly impossible. The results […]

Larry and Ward’s Underwater Pictures

My brothers, Larry and Ward, went to St. John Virgin Islands. Larry had a camera that would take pictures underwater. He made me an image cd for the blog. Some of the pictures are a little blurry, some are pretty good. Larry’s Underwater Pictures.

A Place to Hide

I recorded my first short story using one of the microphones that I will be offering to writers. The quality of the audio was excellent, although I am not that good a reader. I used Audacity to record it, normalize, bass boost and then equalize the audio. I re-recorded the title and there are some […]

Outsourcing SpecFic Publishing Projects

Since all of the Java programming jobs have gone to India, I might as well try and make the most of it. The same economic conditions that have cut my pay by two thirds in 5 years can be used to make some money. I am going to try to outsource some short run printing […]

Even More Cute Cat Pictures

Justine demanded more cat pictures, so here you go. Ollie jumps on me and digs at my sweater. I had the camera out so I took some pics. Here is a closeup of Blue. He doesn’t look so wild here. He was feral when we got him in the house and he lives under a […]