Monthly Archives: December 2005

Cats in Snow

I was testing Erica’s new camera. It is a very nice Kodak that Justine gave her. The cats were scampering in the snow. Of course, the only photogenic cat is Gracie. The other cats disappeared into the jungle, but Gracie chased snow mice and had a good time. The temperature is above freezing in these […]

Static Movement Online is online

Chris Bartholomew has brought out the first edition of Static Movement Online. This is much more difficult that you might imagine and Chris deserves a few weeks of deep sleep to recover. I will raise a glass of champagne this evening and toast her.I have a couple of stories in the zine, as does Arthur […]

Chesley Bonestell part 2

The rest of Mr. Smith Goes to Venus.

Tales of Talisman Magazine

Tales of the Talisman 1.3 is available at Project Pulp. It has my story The Last Big Herd. I have not yet received my contributor copies, but I will report on it when I get them.

Poker Tonight

After weeks of cancellations, tonight I will be playing poker at Jim’s house in Nyack. If anyone hits this blog because they are looking for poker in Nyack, be forewarned that we play a very strange game, evolved by Jim and I over 30 years of playing. You can read about the Game of Games, […]

Stories, tapes and rejects.

I wrote most of chapter 14 of Fumets. It is not coming easy. This and the next chapter are fighting back. I need an extra chapter to separate them and I am not sure how to do it. I got back a reject from OSG IGMS 62 days. They are getting way behind in slush. […]

One Billion Internet Users

Some time in 2005 the internet exceded one billion people online. Jakob Nielson discussed this in his Alert Box blog. If you read the article, the majority of internet users are not from the US, but from Asia, followed by European users. The USA is falling further and further behind in getting hooked into the […]

Sand Storm in Iraq: April 26, 2005

Check out this sandstorm. It makes Frank Herbert’s Dune a little more real.