Monthly Archives: October 2005

Baen’s Astounding Stories vs. Astounding Tales

I’ve been thinking about Baen’s venture into the ezine market all weekend. I went back and found the first editorial that I wrote for my version of Astounding Stories before I changed the name to Astounding Tales. I wrote this about two years ago: What kind of magazine would you like to read? If you […]

Astounding Discussion

There is long discussion at Baen’s Bar that includes, among other things, someone quoting something that I included in a private email (but my name is not mentioned). Baen contends that he can use Astounding and that it will not cost him anything other than lawyer’s fees. This is interesting stuff. Go to the Astounding […]

Story Submissions

There are a few new Pro or near Pro zines that have just appeared. I am wondering if they know just how little money there is to be made in free fiction. The zines are Baen’s Astounding Stories (stupid name), Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show (stupid name), and Fantasy Magazine (how can they use […]

I thought that I’d tell you that I turned Harp Amps dot com into a blog. Not to worry, it’s still the same old site, but much easier to update now.I did some tricks with adwords keywords suggestions and I created about 200 web pages of poular searches on harpamps. They are all linked together […]

Cream at Madison Square Garden 10/25/2005

I saw Cream last night (10/25/2005) at Madison Square Garden. I had heard some reviewers saying that they were not all that good on the previous night. I have to say though, that this concert was the best big event that I’ve ever been to. They were great. Clapton played all the Cream tunes as […]

Baen’s Astounding Stories

Baen has started a web zine called Baen’s Astounding Stories. This explains why they wanted to buy the domain name. I have a dastardly plan, which unfortunately is easily thwarted. We’ll see.


Last spring my furnace burned up and was just luck that I got up in the middle of the night and smelled the burning electrical. I turned it off and this summer tore out the old furnace and bought a new one. Typically, I procrastinated and I didn’t start installing the new furnace until three […]

Cream Countdown

I got my Cream tickets for Madison Square Garden in the mail. Today I listened to Disraeli Gears and Fresh Cream in the truck, when I went to get gas and buy groceries. The package includes parking on 23rd street. Justine paid $354.50 each for the tickets. I think this is an outrage. She used […]