Monthly Archives: September 2005

Wondrous Web Worlds Vol. 5

J Erwine has put together Wondrous Web Worlds Vol. 5. I am in it twice (Flare Bound and The Thing in the Doghouse) and my friend Arthur Sanchez is in it, too. It costs $10, but I will try to get a contributor’s price for family and friends.I may be giving this away as a […]

Story submission

I stopped submitting stories, but the Christmas Cats Anthology got me hooked again. I sent a story out to F&SF and got my usual 6 day “no grab” message. I sent another out to ASIM and now I am checking their slush page every hour. About 50 days ago, I sent something to Aberrant Dreams, […]

Yankees Magic Number

I came up with the idea last year to register Magic Number domains for the MLB franchises. It would come to about $300 to do it for one year and I never followed through. I did register the Yankees and the Mets this year and the domains work. I have a screen scraper that goes […]

Hits on Mortgage Construction Loan Info

I started to get hits on a Mortgage Construction Loan Info site that dynamically generates pages of general info regarding Mortgage Construction Loans.I started this and then forgot about it. So far I have made less than $2, but it is amazing that it has started getting hits at all. This is a distributed link […]

Illustration for Last Big Herd

My story The Last Big Herd will appear in December in Tales of the Talisman. I accidentaly found out that an illustration has been commissioned for it and I asked permission from the artist to show it here. I’ll have to find out if the original is for sale. Artist:Billy Tackett{Art & illustrations you can […]

Cream Tickets

Justine sent me the ticket location today. Promenade Level 1, Promenade 200 Level Seating, Section 224, Row A. Oct. 25Good seats. She’ll fedex them to me as soon as she gets them.The poker boys are gonna see Cream!

Cat Anthology

I sold three stories to the Whortleberry Press Christmas Cats Anthology. One is a reprint, but the other two are new and I really like them. I know! I said I wouldn’t submit to any non-pro publications and especially no more anthologies, but I can use these as Christmas presents. For about $6 I can […]

Wet Gracie

Gracie and Ollie helped Erica and me wash antique quilts in the backyard. I made a frame and put a tarp in it and then we washed the quilts and hung them on vinyl pipes. Gracie jumped in as we were filling it and played with the bubbles and waves. She did not mind getting […]