Monthly Archives: August 2005

The Hand up at Aoife’s Kiss

My story “The Hand” is up at Aoife’s Kiss. A very weird story that I sent to Tyree just to be odd and the sucker bought it.

AstoundingTales Fall 2005 is up

I loaded up Astounding Tales at 11:39 am. Enjoy! Of particular interest is a page scanned from the 1930 Science Wonder Stories that has the winner of Hugo Gernsback’s 1929 story contest.

Tech Blog URL change

I changed the URL of my New Tech Blog to I had to do this for various reasons and I hope that I did not screw up my position in the search engines and it won’t cost me very much in lost revenue. Search engines tend to get confused by all of this and […]

Ward’s Fire

My brother Ward was topping off the tank in his John Deere tractor when he spilled some gas. He didn’t think anything of it, but when he started it up, the damn thing caught fire. Ward singed his legs a little, and is upset that he lost the garage, the tractor, a $10,000 snowmobile and […]

Third Year of Blogging Starts

This blog is two years old. Reading back over it, I’ve found lots of entries that I really enjoyed writing and many that were a waste of webspace. I hope to have another couple of years fun with this. I expect to retire in four or five years and I will try to sell my […]

The Official Website of Horror Writer/Artist Joseph Miles

This is here because if you google Joseph Miles you get the website of a prison inmate who is looking for sex when he gets out. The #1 spot was formerly held by Joe Miles, a horror writer. I thought that I’d put a link to my fellow writer to help his google ratings. It […]

Two Years of Blogging

On August 28, 2003 I created my first blog entry. I actually created several blogs, but I consolidated them into just this one over a year ago. The first post is about the Tech Valley Fair, but the link is gone. It was an announcement for a technology fair up around Albany, NY and looked […]


I did a quick once over to I added google ads and I added the ability to alter a galaxy dedication after it has been created. A few people requested the ability to edit a galaxy. The old way, I used a flat file to store the data and it was not working well. […]