Monthly Archives: April 2005

Swans Necking

Swans Necking Originally uploaded by keithgraham. I am blogging from My flickr page is: This is very cool.

Microphone going crazy on eBay

I created a microphone with a tone control in addition to a volume control. The eBay bidding is getting crazy.Check the auction on ebay —

Pooram Elephants

My friends, Koch and Aji, sent me some pictures of elephants at a festival near their homes in India. —

Cubicle Sweet Cubicle

I have worked in dingy offices in cubicles formed by shabby partitions for most of my life. I had my camera in my pocket when I went to work, so here are some pics. I work in a large older building in the heart of White Plains. It was built in 1930, and is mostly […]

New Weekend Pics

The flea markets are all open. I was at the first Stormville Airport flea market Sunday. I did not buy anything, although I saw an Astatic D-104 harmonica for $30.I walked around Rockland and I happened to have my camera in my pocket. I met James White. James was playing drums the first time that […]

Microphones news

I put up one of my frankenmics made out of a Harley-Davidson tail light on eBay last night. It already has two bids on it. Here’s an interesting story about Johnny Carson’s tonight show microphone.

South Park Keith

There’s a site that lets you create your own South Park Character. I have only watched a few South Park episodes. I can’t really take it in large doses. South Park Keith –

Cover art for Astounding Tales "best-of"

I spent an hour today producing sort-of-art by running images through the Paint Shop Pro filters. The link goes to some hefty images, some over a meg, so don’t bother or be real patient if you have a dial up. Arthur might use one for the cover. I am also going to ask the […]