Monthly Archives: March 2005

Farmer Giles of Ham by J.R.R. Tolkien Audio Book Review.

I first read Tolkien in the Summer of 1965. The ace paperbacks came out around that time, and this was before the authorized Ballentine edition appeared. I was amazed, as I was expecting something like a long Jack Vance novel. Instead, I entered Middle Earth, and I have been going back over and over again. […]

A Near disaster.

When we moved into the house in West Nyack back in 1979, it was the cheapest house on the most expensive block in Rockland County, NY. We bought it for $40,000. It was a tiny bungalow with only a single gas fired “Gravity Heater” in the living room. The grill in the middle of the […]

Happy Birthday Erica!

Now everyone knows! Love,Keith

Spring is on its way

It snowed three inches here and then rained. The snow is going away. It always snows one last time early in April, but I think we are almost there. Some flowers are starting to push up in the yard. A crocus appears through the snow. Some brave tulips peeking up next to the walk.

Little Charlie and Birthday Blues

Some of my best friends showed up at the Little Charlie gig last Wednesday. Usual Gang of idiots Rick and Charlie – too cool for words. Rick Estrin I had a great time.

Cat lovers entry

Erica took some pictures of cats a while back. I cleaned up the compact flash card in her camera and I didn’t want to erase them just yet. Ollie and Gracie chasing snow mice. Fafhrd – indignant about spring being so late. and new software

I have been running FireFox. instead of Internet Explorer for a few months now and I would suggest that you go out and get yourself a copy now. I use IE only for websites that need specialized ActiveX components and there are only a few of these. I installed the AdBlock extension and I have […]

Little Charlie & the Nigtcats last night

I went with friends to see Little Charlie and the Night Cats at the Turning Point Last night. It was better than ever before. Rick Estrin has written many new songs for their 13th album which will be out in a month. They were great. I enjoyed a song about growing old called “Circling the […]