Monthly Archives: February 2005

Sell Yourself to Science

Sell Yourself to Science is the first book that shows how to really tap your human potential. You can legally sell your blood, milk, sperm, hair and other renewable resources — this book tells how.

The Kid Loves Pook

There is a romanticism of ignorance. We generate impressions of love where none exists. A phrase painted on a rock cut gives birth to a lifetime of dreams. The words have been there as long as I can remember. “The Kid Loves Pook” in white letters on a wall of basalt as route 9w climbs […]

Astounding Tales Volume 1 Issue 4 released

I put the zine to bed today at 11:30AM. This is the 4th edition that we've published on time. I am sure that it's full of bugs and Arthur will tell me if he finds anything. I estimate that I put in about 12 hours setting up the zine. I would guess that Arthur puts […]

Larry on his new ladder

Larry, my brother, insisted that I take his picture. I was on the way to take pictures of the Pook rock. This is 19 Vine Street where I grew up. Larry is on his new ladder (found at a garage sale the day before – imagine! Garage sales in February!) We replaced the drafty storm […]

Snowy Monday Blues

It snowed 7 to 8 inches here last night. It was a wet, heavy snow and I’ve been shoveling on and off all morning. It started last night while I was playing poker in Nyack. Jimmy lives on a steep hill in Upper Nyack and when we knocked off around 10:30 PM there was two […]

Short Review: Find a Victim by Ross McDonald

Audio Book Review: Find a Victim by Ross McDonald, Blackstone Audio Books. My Mom is now volunteering at the New City Library. She's helping Senior Citizens fill out their income taxes. She doesn't know anything about income tax law, she just does triage on the people that come in and make sure that they qualify […]

P&E votes results

My story, The Lucky Strike, made it to the top ten in the P&E vote. Astounding Tales and Arthur Sanchez as editor made it also. Arthur has a horror story at #8. Pretty good showing for Arthur, me, and Astounding Tales. Thanks to all of you who voted. I owe you all a drink.

The Cyborg Name Generator

Very cool code to create a custom cyborg icon using your name. Try it!