Monthly Archives: January 2005

Quick thoughts on Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash

Snow Crash is much like an action packed buddy movie with lots of car crashes and an implausible plot with guys doing guy stuff. Just the sort of book I like. There is some good fun stuff here and some original thinking. The book is mostly a mish-mash off imagery of the sort that Cyberpunks […]

Beer Prevents Certain Cancers

Thanks to, I found out that beer contains compounds that fight certain cancers. I will herewith drink more beer. My ancestors who came to New England on the Mayflower stopped at Plymouth Rock, not because it was a good anchorage, but because they were forced to come ashore when they ran out of beer. […]

Human Animal Chimeras

National Geographic has an article on mixing human genomic material with animals. I have used this several times. Twice in the pig stories at and in several unfinished stories. This article describes Chinese scientists using rabbits as a medium to grow human stem cells, by injecting human DNA into rabbit cells. There is also […]

Hot Tuna in Nyack

Here’s how the evening went. At 5pm I picked up Larry (my brother) and we went to Suffern where his band was playing at the Wicky Lounge. This bar used to be a practice studio, but Suffern has changed from just another red-neck town on the Jersey border. 20 years ago, the bars all used […]

More cute cat pictures

My sister-in-law, Justine gave me a laptop computer. I is a Gateway m520mx with a huge screen and 60 gig drive and 512 meg ram and a dvd burner and built in wifi and a place to put my flash memory from the camera. I am connected to the internet now through a neighbors wifi […]

P&E Poll Drama Continues

The Predators & Editors Readers Poll is now mostly in the hands of Romantic Erotica eZines. Arthur and I are doing well. Arthur is the #3 eZine editor and Astounding Tales is the #4 eZine. I think that this is pretty good. This represents the reaching out that Arthur and I have done – for […]

P&E voting form

I’ve made a Preditors and Editors Voting form to help you vote for moi.

P & E Poll

I put AstoundingTales and Arthur Sanchez into the P&E poll for zine and editor. Now the rest is up to the almighty and our piddling readership. Links: Voting Tally I have to figure a way to hack the poll results. If GW can do it in Florida and Ohio, I should be able to come […]