Monthly Archives: December 2004

Arthur Sanchez has started blogging

My friend and cohort has started his own blog over at Arthur Sanchez’s Blog Leave him a note saying that Keith sent you. Tell him to use a better template. I don’t like the multicolor balloon thing going on there. The left column is too wide and the content column isn’t wide enough. Just […]

Reading List – Stephenson, Dunsany and Cabell

I am currently 80% through Neal Stephenson “The Diamond Age” and I am enjoying it very much. This is the Book-on-Tape version. The reader does a good job and the story is not what you’d expect for Cyberpunk. If achieving a person’s potential is related much more to Nourish, rather than Nature, the question of […]

More stories up at

I put up a few more stories at my fiction site. I am searching around for some more. I know that I have half a dozen on my old laptop and I should get those up, too. I received an assignment from Man’s Story 2 and I think I will try it. Here is the […]

Merry Christmas

Christmas Ollie under the tree Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith Graham’s Fiction online

I’ve registered and started putting my fiction there. I am trying to put everything that I’ve completed and a few that I haven’t. Some of the stuff is password protected because I am still submitting it, or the story is committed to another site. Email me if you can’t hack the password. (Think of […]

Out of the blue – a sale is a sale!

I got the mail Saturday afternoon and found a letter from Man's Story 2. It was a contract for a story that I sent them August 9. This story is more risqué than even R rated and I didn't think that a soft porn magazine would go for it, but they did. I can hardly […]

Sardonic or Ironic

I find this to be funny, even if it is not PC. Is it Sardonic or Ironic humor? Craigslist is one of the most entertaining sites on the internet. In case the craigslist post disappears, here is the text of the job posting. LITTLE PERSON (20-40, Male) Needed ASAP for Short Film!!!!!!!! Reply to: […]

What’s This?

I found that I am listed in I have no idea what this is.