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Turkey City Lexicon

Turkey City Lexicon I thought that I had blogged this, but a friend needed it and I couldn’t find it. This is what is wrong with SF in two ways: One, there is an element of truth to many of the observations and implied rules in this. Two, blindly following all of these rules will […]

The Telling

I said that I wasn’t going to do this any more, but yesterday at around 3:30 PM I decided to take a look at my story idea list. In there I found a reference to John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem “Telling the Bees”. And the song she was singing ever since In my ear sounds on: […]

My "Yondering" Blog discontinued

I used to keep track of general web wandering with my Yondering Blog. Since the last post was in August, I elected to delete it from and continue here with general stuff. From now on you will see more of my other interests including Web Publishing, Programming, Cats, Harmonica as well as my Science […]

The Duke’s Left Eye

Tyree sent back the Duke’s Left Eye with a “no”. He noticed (rightly) that the story is a fragment from a larger piece and that it would make much more sense if all the suggested plot points were explored. Unfortunately, the story is 3800 words and reaching the top limit of a short story that […]


UF SCIENTIST: “BRAIN” IN A DISH ACTS AS AUTOPILOT, LIVING COMPUTER This article describes an experiment where living mouse neurons are placed in a dish over a grid of electrodes. The electrodes are hooked up to the controls of a flight simulator. The attitude of the aircraft is fed back to the electrodes so the […]

Smeerp Lite Released

I released my simple Slush Management system today. Of course, I made a last minute change that broke it. I was testing this morning and trying to put some more suitable files on the demo system when I found the bug. Luckily, there was no great rush to download the software. Smerrp-lite

Rejectivitus – Speed Trap

The rejection comments on “Speed Trap” from NFG give me a better idea how others see the story. I am trunking the story based on them. I see the story as a modern horror story about a security system that is much too agressive. The NFG reader seems very concerned with the technical plausability. The […]


The political piece at offended a conservative. I have trouble understanding how a Science Fiction writer can be a conservative. I know that it happens more frequently than I would guess, but it still seems odd. I tried to smooth the ruffled feathers as best I could. I didn’t want to offend, just state […]