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I withdrew “Speed Trap” from A&A today and mailed it off to Neverary. A&A is in deep do with their slush process. They won’t use Smeerp when the obviously need it or something like it. Several major markets have stopped taking email submissions due to spam in the slush boxes. I don’t know why nobody wants Smeerp – its a natural and it works well at Astounding Stories.

“Speed Trap” is one of my favorite stories, but the ending is weak. I submitted it to Neverary today which makes 9 times out. That has to be about the limit. I have done major rewrites on it in the mean time, so it is not the same story that has been rejected before, but I am guessing that it is time to trunk it.

One interesting thing about “Speed Trap” is that I had it at Ideomancer for 58 days and their slush system imploded. I withdrew it from Ideomancer and sent it in to A&A and then 57 days later their slush system imploded. I hope Neverary has a good backup of their hard disk.

It’s time to finish the rewrite on “Unplugged” so I have a story to send to Neverary when “Speed Trap” is rejected.


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