Monthly Archives: July 2004

Abyss & Apex

I withdrew “Speed Trap” from A&A today and mailed it off to Neverary. A&A is in deep do with their slush process. They won’t use Smeerp when the obviously need it or something like it. Several major markets have stopped taking email submissions due to spam in the slush boxes. I don’t know why nobody […]

Lone Star and The Last Big Herd

Yesterday, I wrote a 2800 word short for Lone Star Stories about a herd of Mammoths passing through Texas. Eric Marin nixed it the next day. This will teach me never to write for a specialty market. Now I have to trunk it after just one submission. Here’s what Eric wrote:  Thank you for submitting […]


I am still waiting (56 days) to hear from Abyss & Apex. I wrote to Aleta Daknis on day 45 and she promised to look into it, but I’ve heard nothing. I will query on August 1 to the editorial address with a copy to Aleta. 8 Stories out averaging 21 days. I sent out 4 […]

Frogs in Aspic

I wrote up “Frogs in Aspic” and sent it in to Glimmer Train. I sent it to Carlos first. What I like about Carlos is that he only sys nice things about my stories and he is so detail oriented that he gets every last typo. I had the idea of Frogs in Aspic on […]

Ernst Max Illustrations

Ernst Max Illustrations This was blogged by Bruce Sterling at Wired. The illustration will go well with one of the stories that I have been thinking about. I love the book “Tea With the Black Dragon” by R. A. MacAvoy and I wanted to write something similar. ATSOISE hacked the first story in the Leah […]

Astounding Stories

There’s a whole pack of stories in Smeerp this morning. Arthur is going to have his work cut out for him. There’s a few action stories that I skimmed and I like action plots. When I try to read the ‘zines I notice a lot of adolescent angst characters. There is always a world-weary young […]

"On Writing" by Stephen King

I bought “On Writing” by Stephen King for a quarter last sunday and it was a good read. It only took two evenings of bad TV to read it. Mr. King and I have entirely too much in common. I will never be a best selling writer, but I kept on finding strange overlaps in […]

Very nice rejection

I received a very cool rejection from Lon Prater at Neverary. I never really tried this market before because it is almost always closed. He said some nice things: Thanks for sending me this story.  It held my attention throughout and some of the swashbuckling elements–even the humor at the end–reminded me favorably of Dumas. […]