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New Technology links

This is where to find out which company will be the microsoft in 2020. New Technology links

Organic LEDs to light up electronics

More cool biological/technical advances. Stock picks anyone? Organic LEDs to light up electronics

Science — Service 294 (5551): 2462

More biological machines – this is the next wave. Does anyone have an idea how to invest in any of these efforts. They should start paying off in the next 10 to 20 years – just when I’ll need the money for new knees, hips, eyes, heart, lung, kidneys and liver. Science — Service 294 […]

‘Lousy’ Study Shows Clothing 70,000 Years Old

This is interesting from the viewpoint of writing Fantasy involving primitive societies. I often read about pre-technology societies that seem clean and noble, but it would be almost certain that they would have lice. Clothes=Lice I remember reading an account of Thomas Becket’s funeral where it was described how the lice fled from his body […]

DNA computing

I have thought long about biological computing. DNA computing seems too slow for the Terra-Flop crowd, but this one describes DNA which uses computing sections to treat diseases in an algorithmic way. Very cool! — AP State Wire News — Researchers find logic machines in biology What I would like to see is a […]

First Post on Wanderings

This is the home base for the blogger. We’ll see how far we get with this Resources for Science Fiction Writers