Google Map of Middle Earth

October 26th, 2009
Middle Earth Viewer

6 responses to “Google Map of Middle Earth”

  1. that kid says:

    of course there are differences in the two maps, there are differences in the maps in the books!

  2. Anson Mansfield says:

    i know that there are already some higher resolution maps out there (of smaller areas) an these could probably just be slapped over top of this map the way that the did with the landing sites in Google moon.

  3. Jesus says:

    wow, it really is a huge difference from the older maps shown in the Silmarillion. its like the geographical features completely changed.

  4. badillin says:

    I wish this came with “Street View”

  5. Keith says:


    I wish. I took the biggest map I could find, but there is not enough content. It would be nice if artists could get together and create an extreme detail map of Middle Earth with street views.

  6. Calgary webdesign says:

    Awesome I love it. is there a street view? or a satellite view

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