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I’m sorry, I’m just not that social

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Facebook started up screen names yesterday. I am I went on to speculations which has a twitter panel and from beginning to end it was people begging other people to befriend them on facebook. I find this degrading. Each week I get three or four friend requests and I almost always ignore them. I don’t need to be friends with someone with whom I have never met or corresponded. The rule is that for me to accept you as a facebook friend, we must have a prior relationship.

I went through facebook and hid all of the motor mouths that fill up the home page. I went through twitter and deleted anyone from my followers that I don’t know, plus about a dozen people I was following that I realize I don’t care about. I got rid of my MySpace account six months ago. Myspace is for 12 year old girls.

Facebook seems to be good for one thing besides finding old friends, and that’s playing wordscraper, a scrabble type game. Twitter is good for nothing that I can see. I stopped using twitter altogether, although I kept the account

This is not to say that these apps don’t have uses. If you sell stuff, twitter is good way to keep in contact with your customers, provided you send out something interesting from time to time and not just sales pitches. Facebook is good for events and organizing groups. I use linkedIn to keep track of the programming jobs out there.

Let’s face it, though, some random person who is just trying to get his friend numbers up is no friend, just a leach.