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Erica’s Lasik Surgery

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

I took the day off Thursday to drive Erica down to the eye doctor. She finally, after years of struggling with her vision, had laser surgery on her eyes. She had a strange case because of a very bad astigmatism in her left eye and she was far sighted. The technology finally caught up with her eyes and she now has 20/20 vision.

She has to go back for the follow through, but after 2 days, she is generally pleased with it. You have to decide whether you want your vision to be good for far vision or close up. Erica’s middle vision is greatly improved. She can see the computer screen without glasses for the first time in many years. She was happy to discover that her watch has a second hand. She can drive without glasses.

Her close up vision is still a little out of focus, but that may improve as her eyes heal. She wanted to be able to read books with fine print without glasses, but she may not be able to do this. Since the lens has lost its elasticity, you have to decide on the fixed-focus that will suit you. They make one eye able to see close and the other to see far so your vision blends into a useful compromise.

This is not something that you do at a walk-in clinic for $500. The best doctors charge more than $2,000 per eye. Erica looked for a long time before she settled on a doctor. One of the good things about living in the Greater New York area is that she had her choice of good doctors.

Gthread – new automatic web pages

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Erica had mentioned that one mention of Laser Eye Surgery had changed all of the Google Adsense links on one of her web page from the normal topic into Lasiks ads. These ads pay $10 a piece. Note: this is not necessarily per click. The target web sites usually have Google Analytics installed so that I think Google only pays on the click if the surfer clicks on a few pages and stays for more than a minute.

Working on another variation of my mad scheme to make a living off of the web I made several pages of medical, legal and other high pay search terms at my site I’ve made a few dollars in the last month or so, but nothing beyond a few random clicks. This is the first time that I’ve actually tried to target a keyword for just money. In the past, I always was interested in the results. It’s not like String Theory or Telecommute writing jobs would make much money.

I did add one more personal interest web page. The Exploration of Jupiter Digest is for my own satisfaction (nothing there so far today except a test). I have 3000 words of a Jupiter adventure that is turning out far better than I expected. I have a lot of work to do. I just changed it so that the beginning has to be rewritten. I also just found out that Jupiter’s day is only 9 hours 55 minutes so this puts a new time limit on my adventure story. It has to finish just as it night falls on Jupiter.