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October 10th, 2012

Tree down, Chickens escape

A dead tree on the border of our property fell down. This tree had been hit by lighting years ago and the bottom 30 feet has been rotting away ever since. It fell, barely missing the new tool shed and taking out Erica’s roses.

It took down the new fence that I put up to keep the chickens in the yard. It did not take long for the chickens to figure it out and make their move. They crossed into the neighbor’s yard and ran down near the road where they stopped traffic. They crossed over into the next neighbor’s yard digging up grass and foundation planting leaving a path of destruction.

I got home and cut away the bottom of the tree and cleared some room to put in a new section of fence.

Here are some pictures that Erica took.


2 Responses to “Tree down, Chickens escape”

  1. justine says:

    Did you manage to get all the chickens back into their house? What will you do with them until the fencing is fixed?

  2. Keith says:

    All chickens back. We got 8 eggs yesterday. Sold two dozen yesterday and a dozen today.

    Fencing was fixed as of about 6:30 last night. The chickens go into their coop at night and I lock them in. They have a fenced run that I also lock. The fence that went down was the fence on the property line. During the day the chickens run free on our property.

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