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October 19th, 2012

A Pitch For: Nyack the Movie

I saw this on the Nyack Facebook page.

A Pitch for: Nyack The Movie!!!!!!

Here are some suggestions. Pick the ones you like. I was trying to have a little fun, why don’t you see what you can do with it. Post your additions.

Anne Marie Knieriem Stader (Annie), Nyack HS Class of ‘68

1. Spike Lee
2. Gary Marshall
3. John Hughes
4. Woody Allen
5. John Waters
6. Jonathan Demme (Native Nyacker)
7. Steven Spielberg

Soundtrack mainly composed of
1. Four Seasons
2. Patti LaBelle
3. Simon & Garfunkle
4. Curtis Mayfield
5. Beatles
6. Happy Days (Helene Curtis)

Who Would Play Helen Hayes
1. Merle Streep
2. Dustin Hoffman
3. Rosie O’Donnell
4. Cicely Tyson
5. Dakota Fanning
6. Robin Willaims (Helene Curtis)

Who Wrote the Book
1. Harold Robbins
2. Phillip Roth
3. Kurt Vonnegut
4. Harper Lee
5. Thornton Wilder
6. Lenord Nemoy (Helene Curtis)

What Role Will You Play?
1. Narrator
2. Mr. Ardavani
3. One of the hippie hill kids
4. Mr. Traverson
5. That lady on your street who knows everybody’s business.

As a Production of
1. HBO
2. AMC
3. IFC
4. 20th Century Fox
5. PBS
6. Nick at Nite (Helene Curtis)

Who Will Play the Librarian
1. Lily Tomlin
2. Rene Zellweiger
3. The Crypt Keeper
4. Merle Streep
5. Marlee Matlin
6. Sally Field (Helene Curtis)

The Major Crime is
1. Stealing nail polish from Woolworths
2. Smoking in the Boys Room
3. Crossing against the light
4. Not paying your library fines
5. Pulling False Alarms
6. Stealing Someones BoyToy (Helene Curtis)

Food Served at the Afterparty
1. Luleich Crumb Buns
2. Paones Meatball Sandwiches
3. Hot fudge sundaes from the Wooden Indian/Traversons
4. Clams from the Hilltop
5. Food from one of Kenny’s,, “Doc Ace” block parties
6. Honey Hams Buffets (Helene Curtis)

Theme Song
1. Dancing in the Streets
2. The Kids are Alright
3. Downtown
4. Stairway to Heaven
5. Yesterday
6. Cheers theme song (Helene Curtis)

Format Shot In
1. Cinerama
2. Black & White
3. Claymation
4. 3D
5. Flip Cam
6. Musical (Helene Curtis)

Title of the Movie
1. Town Without McDonalds
2. Lots of O’Briens
3. First Exit Off The Bridge
4. The Day the Engine Died
5. Sleds Along the Hudson
6. Any Which Way But Out


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