Anything you dream is fiction,
and anything you accomplish is science,
the whole history of mankind is nothing but science fiction.
- Ray Bradbury
January 7th, 2012

Top 10 Pages on CTHREEPO

www.cthreepo.com has my blog, my cat pages, my book reviews, my star finder database and my Science Fiction essays. Since March I’ve been using HitStats.com to keep my statistics. It does a wonderful job.

I used HitStats to list the top 10 most popular web pages on the blog. Here they are along with the number of visitors since March.

Laws of Good Science Fiction: 16,288
Space Math: 11,958
List of Science Fiction Clichés: 10,383
Google Map of Middle Earth: 8,647
Character Sheet Generator: 4,334
Resources for Science Fiction Writers Home: 4,276
Italian, Carniolan or Russian?: 4,082
What is a Bee Nuc?: 1,882
The best color to paint a beehive: 1,619
Character Sheet Step 1: 1,507

3 of the pages are about bees. I get linked a lot to the bee stuff. The Star Database was added to HitStats much later so that doesn’t really show in the stats. The Google Map of Middle Earth is always a surprise. I did that when I was trying to understand how Google Maps works and I put the results up figuring it was pretty dumb, but I needed a place to test it.

This blog is the 11th most popular page at 1324 hits. Thank you.

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