Anything you dream is fiction,
and anything you accomplish is science,
the whole history of mankind is nothing but science fiction.
- Ray Bradbury
August 18th, 2011

8 Years Blogging

On August 18, 2003 I tried out Blogger.com. Since then I’ve moved around a bit, but I still have the blog and I am still posting.

The site has 2,232 posts and 1,251 comments in 8 years. Yesterday there were 940 visitors looking at 1,863 pages. I have no idea who they were.

I registered the CThreePO.com website in April of 1999 with the intention of selling it. I never found a buyer for the domain so I kept adding to it. Today it contains 7,550 pages according to Google. I wrote all of them. When I started experimenting with the idea of a blog, I used the CThreePO.com address because I thought that blogging, although interesting, was not something that I would continue to do. Since I thought that I’d eventually sell CThreePO.com, it was a good place to test things out.

Why Blog? Mainly it keeps me writing. I have only written two short stories this year, but I have several hundred blog posts and dozens of pages with different kinds of content. My readers tend to be a few friends and family members who are interested in what I am up to. I don’t like to chitchat so it is good that someone can just check the blog and be happy that I am still alive, even if I am boring.

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