Anything you dream is fiction,
and anything you accomplish is science,
the whole history of mankind is nothing but science fiction.
- Ray Bradbury
November 14th, 2010

Killing eZines

I submitted to a couple of eZines that I did not know much about. I haven’t heard back, but it hasn’t been that long. I thought I’d check them out to see how they are doing and there is NOTHING happening at these websites. The have not changed their site in months. One is supposed to be a quarterly zine, but the latest issue is April and the other is supposed to go live in January, but their last blog entry was months ago when they asked for slush readers.

Neither site has any recent action at Duotrope or the Black hole. I can’t find anyone who is blogging about these sites.

I am worried that I killed them. There was a time where every time I sold a story the venue closed immediately afterward. I had a friend who had a story that was accepted 5 times and each time the eZine folded before it could be published. I am worried that I maybe this is happening to me.

Ezines are not stable ventures. People start them, find out how much work they are, and how little they pay, and then give up.

If I sell more than 10 books on Amazon, that’s it for me. No more submissions. I will write enough to make my own collection and sell it on eBay. Perhaps I’ll develop a following.

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