Anything you dream is fiction,
and anything you accomplish is science,
the whole history of mankind is nothing but science fiction.
- Ray Bradbury
April 23rd, 2007

Daily Science Fiction Fix

The story of the day blog is working correctly. At one minute after midnight each night (eastern time), I publish a link to a new science fiction story. It kicks off nicely. I also have a submission form that feeds the system. I have to manually check the submissions, but I would have to do that anyway to prevent spam from finding the blog.

I am still having trouble finding SF stories. You would think that with all of the great Spec Fic sites that there would be more science fiction. If I click on another zombies in space or cyber-vampire story I will puke.

I almost registered Sc1enceFiction.com with the number 1 as the first i. I don’t need another website. I think it’s a darn good domain for an ezine, though. It is still available if someone else wants it. sc1f1.com is much shorter and another good website name and that is free, too. If it is available this time tomorrow, I will register it.

Daily Science Fiction Fix

4 Responses to “Daily Science Fiction Fix”

  1. Jim Shannon says:

    Well my story called “Zombies of sleep” isn’t your typical Zombie in space story either. It’s in the January issue of Static Movement. In fact there are really no monsters in the story at all and if SM agree’s it’s okay by me to get a link to the story.

    You could also use “Crosshairs” if you like as well. If it hasn’t been lost.

  2. Keith says:

    Jim, Your story will appear on April 28. I still have crosshairs and I will find a home for on ScienceFictional as a sub page and in a week or so, I’ll put that up. It’s good that you suggested it. It is hard to find 30 or so real SF stories. I am trying to make them “Hard SF”, but that is near impossible.

  3. Jim Shannon says:

    I think there is a “Hard SF” anthology currently available in paperback. I saw it at our local Chapters bookstore on the shelves a few months ago. The rough draft of my novel ‘Foliage’ has elements of hard science fiction but Hard sf is difficult for me to write

    Thanks for saving “Crosshairs” I really appreciate it because the only copy I had is or was on my crashed Compaq PC. Thanks for promoting it to a new venue.

    I read your current post on Yogs Law. Interesting. Since I work in a call center 20 hours a week I know all about pitching. But to book publishers is different.


  4. Keith says:

    Jim said: But to book publishers is different.

    It isn’t and we shouldn’t expect it to be. You need to encapsulate your “pitch” in the cover letter.

    If I ever write a novel – you will write the pitch for me. You do it 20 hours a week, well enough to make a living out of it. The subject is certainly different, but you know, at some level, what it takes to close a sale.

    Granted, the market is different, the buyer has other priorities, you can’t actually argue too much through a cover letter, but you can sell, sell sell with the cover letter. To do that you need to know what the buyer actually needs, wants or is willing to buy.

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